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crunching#4 djset

La serie crunching#N son sets dedicados al idm, electrónica, ambient, experimental, chip&blips, downtempo y estilos relacionados.

El set crunching#4 se grabó en el Rouge Bar en septiembre de 2011. Descarga y escúchalo en mixcloud:
mixcloud part 1/3.
mixcloud part 2/3.
mixcloud part 3/3.


(part 1)
As The Stars Fall – Artificial Sun
Stereo Wildlife – So This Is What It Feels Like
Planet Boelex And Lisa’s Antenna – Are You There
Maps And Diagrams – Througme (Broca Remix)
Crisopa – Last Membrane
Clark – Absence
Adapt – Mercury Cry
Davic Nod – Mi Nube Rmx
Maps And Diagrams – The Adventure Of Roderick Random
Sabi – 165mm Lenght Ghost
D-Fried – Weird-O
Downliners Sekt – Locked Face
Latex Distortion – Isotope
Logical Disorder – Ghost Planet
Maps And Diagrams – Plsmus

(part 2)
Crisopa – Another Flying Cathedral
Davic Nod – Noised
Epic45 – The Stars In The Spring
Gros – Tarmac
Wooky – Inicii Skin
Roel Funcken – Vertox Dreaming
Crankshaft – We Kill Da Enemy
Eedl – Spectrum
Kritical Audio – Springbreaks
Bjork – Hidden Place (Kettel Unofficial Remix)
Kettel – Kingscourt Imp
Broken Chord – Circuit Lair
Crisopa – Greeting Every Strange

(part 3)
Ametsub – Snowy Lava (live version)
fourtet – angel echoes
bRUNA – “Ya hay modelos alternativos de resolución de conflictos” (name from Music for Peace)
Lusine – Gravity
Penca Catalogue – Dweeb Won
Kritical Audio – Spandex
Kettel – Mauerbrecher
Secede – Born In A Tropical Swamp (Kettel Remix)
Kettel – Marliesje
Broca – Vacuum
Stable Mechanism – Sheriff’s Line
Omyiga – Waimer Park
Kettel – Verkens in London

(part 4 – not recorded)
Sabi – Screaming Blub (10’3’23)
Monokle – Friday
Ambientum – Touch of Light (Radio version)
Pantha du Prince – Stick to my side
Jónsi – Tornado

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